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Donations –

A donation of any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support of Fontaine.


Sponsorship –

Sponsor a student to attend St. Gabriel's school with all its programs. Help support education for all children. Just $25 a month or $300 a year, gives a child an education. 


Help Provide a Meal

$10 provides student meals for a month


Volunteer –

Whether individually or in groups, we love volunteers! Youth groups, college clubs, medical teams, or just kind, compassionate people, contact us below, we're so excited for you to be a part of the Friends of Fontaine family. 


Water boils at 212º F. Not 211º but 212º. One degree is the difference between “warm water” and boiling water.

BE THAT ONE DEGREE that makes the difference.

$10   provide hot meals for a student for a month! $50 for a semester and $100 for a year.



$100 Provide hot meals for a student for a whole year! 


  1. One year's tuition for a student

  2. Funds to offset the cost of supplies, books, and uniforms for students whose parents are unable to pay for them.

  3. Funds to establish a five days per week hot meal program

  4. Support for engaging community and cultural activities

  5. Teaching supplies, chalkboards, and computer supplies

  6. Funds to help underwrite teachers' salaries

*As a $300 sponsor you will receive the name, biographical information, and pictures of the student you are sponsoring along with regular updates from Friends of Fontaine



$1000   Support 3 students for a whole year in food, supplies, tuition and receive a seat at our annual FOF banquet!


You also have the opportunity to donate to one of the following causes: 

– Emergency Medical Fund: help us help those who are ill in emergencies

– Daily Operating Fund: Let's keep our doors open, education isn't free! Donate now!


If there's something you are passionate about, tell us what you want your donation to go to below! All donations can be made through our Paypal link or mailed to our address on the bottom of the page.

Maddie Johnson

Concordia University Nursing

Shayna Smith 

Our Lady Good Counsel

High School

Connor Orrico

University of Buffalo

Jacobs School of Medicine

Vinny Polsinelli

University of Buffalo

Jacobs School of Medicine MD '18 

Founder of the UB biannual clinics

Maya Reagan

Friends of Fontaine Supporter

Faiha Zaidi

Siena College-AMC program

Class of 2020

Friends of Fontaine


Friends of Fontaine

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