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The University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine

Biannual Medical Missions

 Medical students from the University at Buffalo/Jacobs School of Medicine and Biological Sciences have committed to providing to the village of Fontaine in Haiti. Their intent is to establish regular and sustainable medical care to the people of Fontaine through a week-long mobile clinic that they set up twice a year, while ultimately establishing a permanent clinic with the local provider. Clinics are run out of St. Gabriel's school which are sponsored by Friends of Fontaine.


Medical students aim to provide a range of services, including primary care, health care pre-natal and gynecological care, as well as health education. It is our hope that you will support our team of medical students, nurses, physicians and translators by making a contribution to fund our accommodation and acquisition of medications, medical supplies and equipment, and other provisions necessary.


Help us create change through healthcare.  

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